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              For Inquiries related to?Permissions?for the e of?mic, photos, writings of Pauline Oliveros contact: ?
              ONE, Executrix and Trtee of The Pauline Oliveros Trt, ione.booking@gmail.com

              ?The Deep Listening Catalog, containing CDs, DL Publications and scores are available here;?paulineoliveros.us/store.html

              ?Catalog Information and Sales: Al?Margolis,?pogal@pog.com

              Deep Listening Institute has merged with RPI to become The Center for Deep Listening at Rensselaer
              under the direction of Tomie Hahn

              A Message from DAVID FELTON ( Former President of Deep Listening Institute, Ltd)

              Even though composer Pauline Oliveros left the material plane two years ago this Thanksgiving, her pioneering work continues to flourish as if she were still running the show. And maybe she is. During the years before she passed, Oliveros took steps to build a vibrant community and educational system to carry on her legacy, mic and practice of Deep Listening at events around the world.? On Augt 3, 2018, the city of Kingston unveiled a “Deep Listening Plaza in Honor of Pauline Oliveros” ? Read the entire Press Release

              เงินฟรี สมัคร สมาชิก โบนัส 100

              Photo by IONE

              Letter of Recommendation: The Recordings of Pauline Oliveros
              - by Claire-Louise Bennett - Feb. 9, 2017

              An early electronic mician, Pauline Oliveros made recordings that blend seamlessly into their sonic surroundings.

              In Memoriam

              Listening for Pauline (In Memoriam: Pauline Oliveros 1932–2016) - Walker Art Center

              Pauline Oliveros + Miques Nouvelles: Four Meditations / Sound Geometries - Chain DLK, by Vito Camarretta

              Remembering Pauline Oliveros - CBC Mic

              Pauline Oliveros, Composer Who Championed ‘Deep Listening,’ Dies at 84

              Pauline Oliveros, a composer whose life’s work aspired to enhance sensory perception through what she called “deep listening,” died on Thursday at her home in Kingston, N.Y. She was 84.

              Her death was confirmed by her spoe,?
              Carole Ione Lewis, a writer and performance artist known as Ione. - November 28, 2016 - By STEVE SMITH, New York Times

              3 Big Shows for New Mic in New York

              Pauline Oliveros will be performing at the Jewish Meum on November 10th at 7:30
              New York Times article by ZACHARY WOOLFE, NOV. 2, 2016
              Continue reading the main story

              Four Mediations? / Sound Geometrics
              "Pauline Oliveros is a virtuoso at creating environments for micians to explore. The legendary 84-year old composer, accordionist, and electronic pioneer is perhaps best known for her tape experiments from the ’60s, but her mical scores are jt as innovative. Most of them contain text rather than mical notation, and eschew hard-and-fast directions in favor of poetic guidelines to be interpreted. In other words, she doesn’t tell people what to play, but how to play—and jt as importantly, how to listen. Given this creative freedom, her collaborators often respond with something that’s less like mic to passively listen to than spaces your mind can enter and probe."? Marc Masters, Pitchfork.com

              Accordions Rising
              Pauline Oliveros - Featured Artist on Accordions Rising a documentary feature film about the resurgence of interest in accordion mic over the last 30-40 years.

              A giant of the avant-garde shows how to listen.

              Pauline Oliveros is one of modern mic's most important figures, precisely becae her work transcends mic itself. While many people have heard of her contemporaries like Steve Reich and Philip Glass, Oliveros' five decades of work is so wide-reaching that popular culture has barely kept up. She was a founding member of the San Francisco Tape Mic Center in the '60s, and devised a mical concept called Deep Listening, which stemmed from a trip into a giant underground cistern with a 45-second reverb.? Read more from RA Exchange...

              The Difference Between Hearing And Listening - Pauline Oliveros - TEDxIndianapolis


              Whitney Biennial - Filmed by Daniel Weintraub and James Perley - Edited by Daniel Weintraub

              "Pauline the Mighty" --- living sculpture in MoMA's Garden! The New Yorker - Aug 5, 2013
              PAULINE OLIVEROS